You are invited to important and Historical event:
On Saturday, March 16, 2013 At Minneapolis Convention Center there will be historic event about the murdering figures of Somalis people such as Sh. Abdulqadir Nur Farah, Dr.Ahmed Abdirahman, Dr. Ibrahim Cadow, Dr. Qamar, Pr. Mohamed Warsame(shahiid), Sh Ahemd Abdullahi(waayeel), Sh. Mohamud Garweene, Sh. Mohamed Tahlil, Sh. Mohamed, Sh.Mohamed Dubad, and Student who graduated from Medical School.
We will bring together several Scholars, Sheikhs, Professors, Community leaders, and people of knowledge to talk to us about why they have been killed? , Who is behind all of these of inhuman massacres and what is the solution?

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