1. – First part: Childhood– Second part: The teenage years (The Period of Youth)– Third part: From marriage until old age– Fourth part: Old age
2. • Youth is the prime time of our lives• Youngsters are with full of energy and vivid passions• Youngsters have strong physical drive and desire that must be directed properly• This is the time where people make important decisions like what to become in the future etc• Things you do in this time will most likely affect you throughout your life
3. • Every one of us wants to be young until we die• If someone says to a young person “You are looking like on your 40’s ”, what would he/she feel? – But natural he/she will be so sad, angry & upset…• If someone says that “you are looking so young” what would he/she feel? – No words to express the joy he/she would feel
4. • Because youth is the prime time of your life, it is very precious to Allah Azza Wajal too• Islam takes very special care of the youth and urges youngsters to make the best use of this valuable period of their life• Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says that the dwellers of the paradise will be young…
5. It is narrated by Al Hassan that an old lady entered to ProphetMuhammad (pbuh) and said ” O Allahs apostle ask Allah that Ienter paradise”. He answered ” O Um Fulan, old ladies are notamongst the dwellers of pardise” The woman was leaving incrying in grief. Quickly he called her back and said ” Tell herthat she will not enter paradise as an old woman. Then herecited the verses of Surat al Waqia (56:35..) (Tirmidhi, Kitab sifat al Qiyamah wal Raqa’iq)
6. • Think about a situation of a hot day and you are standing on the sun without an umbrella for 30 minutes… – What would you feel? – You will surely run to a shade of a tree or else probably you may get fainted• How about the day of judgment, when the sun is brought much closer to us?… without any shade?…

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