In the blessed month of Ramadan, There will Tafser Qur’an by Sheikh Yusuf Adan everyday except Friday after Salatu Asar and Everyday one hour before Iftar time there will Halaqa in the Masjid because everyday about 300 people make iftar in the Masjid Abubakar

(The details and schedules for these activities will be announced
at the time of Ramadan, and are subject to change)

Breaking the Fast: Every night to break the fast: Zambusa, Malawah, water dates, and fruits will be provided inshaAllah.
Taraweeh prayer: Taraweeh prayer is held every night in congregation in the Mosque.
Lecture: There will be a lecture every night after the first 4 raka’as of the taraweeh prayer
Tahajjud prayer: At the last 10 days of Ramadan, The center organizes Tahajjud prayer and night dinners (Suhoor).

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