Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center in collaboration with The Young Brothers of Building Blocks present the annual Journey of Ilm for both Brothers & Sisters!

This is a 4-day program in which students of knowledge from across the nation will come to discuss their journey of ilm as well as teach and share with us some of the knowledge they have gained.

This is the first of its kind! It is a FREE 4-day intensive program open to both brothers and sisters in which we will study 5 books all explained in ENGLISH!

– Tadween as Sunnah – History of the compilation of the Sunnah – (Hadith)

– Al-Bayqooniyyah (Hadith)

– Laamiyat Ibn Taymiyyah (Aqeedah)

– Al-Madkhal ilaa Fiqh Al-Imam Ash-Shafii – Intro to the School of Imam Shafii (Fiqh)

– Tafseer Surat Al-Hujuraat – Exegesis/Explanation of Surah Al-Hujuraat (Tafseer)


1. Sh. Mohamed Muneer (Philadelphia, PA) (Graduate of Faculty of Hadeeth, Masters in Hadeeth)
2. Sh. Mowlid Ali (Raleigh, NC) (Masters in Usul Al-Fiqh)
3. Sh. Elias Ali (Minneapolis, MN) (Graduate of Faculty of Usul Ad-deen)
4. Sh. Mohamed Hussein (Washington, DC) (Graduate of Faculty of Hadeeth)
5. Sh. Abdirizaq Xaashi (Minneapolis, MN)
6. Sh. Yusuf Soussi (Minneapolis,MN)


Thursday (7/31): 5 PM to 10 PM
Friday (8/1): 3 PM to 10 PM
Saturday (8/2): 1 PM to 10 PM
Sunday (8/3): 1 PM to 10 PM


– Seminar
– Lectures
– Panel Discussion
– Competition
– Prizes
– Refreshments
– Certificates awarded


Abubakar As-Sadique Islamic Center
2824 13th Ave S. Minneapolis MN

Sponsored by Abubakar As-saddique Islamic Center






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