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Imam - Sh Abdirahman Sh Omar

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Taxanaha Muxaadarooyinkii Ku Saabsanaa Taariiqdii Soomaaliya ee Ka Socoday Masjidka Abubakar As-Saddique 
Dr/Sheikh Saadiq Enow


Taariiqdii Soomaaliya - Part 1

Taariiqdii Soomaaliya - Part 2
Taariiqdii Soomaaliya - Part 3
Taariiqdii Soomaaliya - Part 4

Taariiqdii Soomaaliya - Part 5

Taariiqdii Soomaaliya - Part 6

Taariiqdii Soomaaliya - Part 7


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Halkan Ka Dhageyso Muxaadarooyinkii Ka dhacay Mu'atamarkii lagu Qabtay Masjidka AAIC

Friday May 29th 2010

Topic Sheikh Audio
Qiyaamaha Sh. Nur Haadi icon Listen / Download
Jannadda iyo Sifaadkeedda Sh. Abdirasak Sancaani icon Listen / Download
Ahmiyadda Salaadda Part 1 Sh. Abdirasak Hashi icon Listen / Download

Saturday May 30th 2010

Topic Sheikh Audio
Ahmiyadda Salaada  - Part 2 Sh Abdirasak Hashi icon Listen /Download
Sababaha Keena Inuu Alle Ku Jeclaado Sh Abdullahi Ibraahim  icon Listen /Download
Qadarinta Culmidda  - Video Conference Sh. Mohamed Abdi Umal - Nairobi Kenya  icon Listen /Download


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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 14:15


Islam lets us remind each other a day that’s unusual. Let’s put in our hearts and minds a picture of a day that is called The (Yawmul Qiyaamah) Judgment Day. It is a day that men will flee from his brother, mother and father. The man will flee from his wife and children because of the difficulty of that day. it is a day that a man will prefer to be presented with every good deeds he did, and to get away from the bad deeds he committed. Truly, that day is a hard day; even the children will be grey headed. It is a day that a man will say where is the refuge? But in reality there is no refuge except the refuge of Allah. It is a day when one of us will be given his record in this world in his right hand, and another one will be given his record in his left hand. The one who was given his record in his right hand will inform his happiness to the people. But the one who was given his record in his left hand will proclaim woe-ness and returning back with misery. It is a day that all the people will be gathered in one place and will be informed what each did as Allah mentions in His Holy Quran “ On that day man will be informed what he has send forward and what he left behind,” (Al-Qiyamah 13)   

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 May 2010 12:49
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