Who are we?

Who are we?

Welcome to the Abuubakar Islamic Center in Minneapolis.  Join us in our service and worship of Allah.  ~  Ku soo dhawaada xarunta Abuubakar As Saddique Islamic center ee Minneapolis.

Our vision and Mission

Our vision is to see a world of God consciousness, respect, dignity and justice and our mission is to Serve, Educate and Inspire.

Our Values

To live by the teachings of the Quran & the ‘Messengers’ sayings & actions and demonstrate selflessness, integrity, truthfulness, forgiveness,  humility & modesty. To treat each other and all people with respect, fairness and justice and to continually acquire knowledge, learn and improve ourselves and help others to do the same.

Our aim

Our center focuses on the needs of the diverse Muslim community whilst ensuring services are open to all. We ensure that we meet the needs of the local community by promoting health, education and employment opportunities.  We aim to provide Muslims and non-Muslims with the opportunity to learn and understand Islam, through dialogue, discussion and social interaction.

Upcoming Events