Mission & Vision

To help support the deaf and hard of hearing community have access to the religion.

Curriculum and Subject

  1. Islamic studies
  2. Hingaad
  3. Hadith

Schedule and Shifts

Morning from 9:00am-2:00pm


We have started from the beginning, when starting this class my students hardly knew anything about the religion. Alhamdulilah now my class has been open for about 6 years now my kids have a clear understanding of who they are and their religion. We are now working on how they can read the quran independently. For the past year we have been working on how they can read arabic. My students have memorized over 10 surahs the meaning, written, and how they to sign it. We started with class with less than 10 students and now we have 21 students. We have different kinds of levels beginner, middle, and advance level.

Entry Requirements

We only have one requirement if you’re a student you must be deaf or hard of hearing and must know ASL.